Midnight Munchies

A night at Robata Hyakushiki in Fukuoka

Last December I headed to Fukuoka with my girls who are so-called “Fukuoka expert”. Before the trip, I already heard about so many good places -mostly restaurants- to visit. So I want to share one of those memorable places we enjoyed. Robata Hyakushiki is a local Izakaya (Japanese dining pub) where you’ll find young Japanese out for beer and a quick bite to eat after work. The interior of the bar is absolutely charming.
It maintains a warm authentic feel, but still has a trendy Japanese nightlife ambiance!



After we were seated, the waiter served otoshi. Otoshi is sort of like small Japanese appetizer that you will normally receive at bars. You don’t order it but, you will definitely be charged for it. Here we got mochi ri tofu and some sauteed vegetable!

Mochi ri tofu and vegetable as Otoshi
Hyakushiki_Uni with Wagyu
Wagyu roll with Uni
Hyakushiki_bell pepper
Steamed bell pepper and bean paste sauce (YUM!!)



Around midnight, Still so alive!

Something I think deserve mentioning about this place is the bathroom! Before leaving the bar I had to freshen up a bit and there were amenities such as Q-tips, cotton balls, and a few other things I needed to fix my makeup! How cute!





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