Review: Conrad Koh Samui, a return to paradise

It was 2016 when Mason and I first visited Koh Samui. Since everything we experienced on the island was beyond wonderful, we decided to do all again. With that, we knew we had to visit Conrad Koh Samui again, if for nothing else, than the in-room infinity pool!! We just had to replace our then-buddy, Swalinie to Cactie.

Our good old buddy Swalinie


When we arrived at the hotel, it was just after 8am. Since we were super tired from our connecting flights and carrying luggage around, we couldn’t think of anything better than checking in and just relaxing. Luckily, the hotel was able to accommodate our early arrival and our room was almost ready when we got there. The hotel invited us to have breakfast while we waited for everything to be finalized.

CKS lobby_1inspired

welcome drink.jpg

Check-in was quick and I’m still in awe of that amazing ocean view from the lobby. Since the hotel is located on top of a hill surrounded by a forest, the lobby was breezy giving me a feeling of being free and one with nature.

view from the lobbyview from the lobby2

Mason’s Side: Check-in was friendly and quick. Absolutely no complaints and the views were just as amazing as I remembered. We met the director of operations, Marco, while checking in. I mentioned our previous room number and that we were returning guests and he actually managed to get us the same villa that we had the last time we were there.



We received an upgrade to the oceanview pool villa on the third line. It was right next to the spa and had a clear view of the five islands. Our villa was pretty far from the main lobby, but walking distance from the breakfast restaurant and the main pool. The room was spacious enough for a couple or even a family with a young child. My favorite area in the room was, and still is the bathroom; a huge soaking tub that takes a while to fill it up, a double vanity sinks and a floor to ceiling sliding glass door leading to the private infinity pool.

CKS room

pillow with initial.jpg
Our initials on each end of the pillows, how sweet!

CKS room2.jpg

welcome fruit.jpg
A satisfying portion of welcome fruit

CKS bathroom3CKS bathroom2CKS bathroom1

CKS bathrobe
Our initials on the bathrobes!

Mason’s Side: I’m a walker, not The Walking Dead kind, but I don’t mind walking distances. Although the breakfast restaurant is relatively close, our villa (316), is on top of a steep hill and if you’re older, have children with you or time hasn’t been friendly to your knees or waistline, I would call for a buggy.

Conrad Koh Samui buggy

Shuttle bus

Since the hotel is located a good distance from the downtown area, almost an hour drive, we didn’t think of leaving the resort. But the concierge gave us some information about their complimentary shuttle bus service. If I remember correctly, this service was originally for those guests who were staying over 4 nights at the hotel. However, the shuttle is now available for all the guests and runs daily, so this was a great change. The shuttle bus makes two stops, one at Lamai beach where there’s a Tesco and other small shops and at the Central Festival, mall area. We went to the Central Festival and got a nice facial spa treatment there. It was the best 399B that I spent for the day. Definitely worth the money after I saw the results and felt how soft my face was!

samui festival.jpg
Central Festival mall near Chaweng beach


The property offers a lot of different activities for guests to enjoy. Once you book your stay, the hotel will email you a pre-arrival information package including their restaurants and events offerings. We decided to go see the Conrad Night Market. The night market was held at the Asadong beach area and offers 5-6 traditional Thai dishes and fresh grilled seafood. Of course, we could not forget the famous Thai banana roti. There were traditional Thai dances and a mind-blowing fire show performance. We originally had concerns about the night market being too artificial and boring, but we were put at ease when we arrived.

Mason Side: I still think the night market was bit artificial when compared to real night markets across Asia, or even just in Thailand, nevertheless, the experience was still worth it. Other night markets don’t have fire shows, this had a fire show. Fire show wins.

NM aimbianceNM food4NM food6NM food5NM foodNM food2NM food3NM danse

NM fire show pic.jpg
The fire show!!


CKS pool.jpg

One of the reason we choose Conrad Koh Samui, and I’m sure many people do as well, is for the private in-room infinity pool. The pool is not too deep and big enough to use those Instagram type of floaties. The view from the pool is breathtaking and I found myself lost in the moment when I realized that I was actually there. Around sunset, the sky becomes a beautiful medley of rich red, orange and yellow hues coming together for an awe-inspiring moment.

Mason’s Side: I wholeheartedly agree with Rimi. These sunsets were majestic and the pictures simply don’t do it justice. These sunsets are something you have to see in person to truly experience and understand the feeling.

CKS pool2

Our new buddy on this trip, Cactie!

pool and me



The breakfast restaurant has changed the least from 2 years ago. They moved the noodle and waffle truck outside and they added a fresh juice bar. There wasn’t a wide selection of food, and unfortunately, most of the dishes weren’t satisfying. There is also a menu with 4-5 a la carte egg dishes to choose from, but none of them were good enough to re-order or even finish. My favorite item from breakfast was the watermelon juice and the sliced passion fruit.

breakfast entranceBenedictOmeletteWafflepassion fruit

During our stay we ordered room service and also visited the restaurant inside the property. Surprisingly, food was much better than I expected and more delicious than what we had at the breakfast restaurant.


morning glory
One of our favorite Thai dish, morning glory

Mason’s Side: I was disappointed with the food at the hotel. Last time I was there I ordered room service and the food was fresh, tasted fantastic and sentenced my soul to a damnation of fire. My god, it was some of the spiciest food I’ve had in a while. This is coming from someone who can handle a fair amount of heat. This time around the same dish I ordered two years ago was almost sweet this time. I suspect there were probably some complaints to the kitchen, but this change was a little drastic for me. Thankfully, the restaurant dishes had the heat I was looking for but, toned down and balanced so you can still enjoy those local Thai flavors, without burning alive internally.

pork rice
Minced pork with Thai basil (Pat krapao moo sap)

fried shrimp

As a diamond member, we got four drink coupons


This was our second time staying at Conrad Koh Samui. We normally prefer not repeating our stays at same properties. Mostly because we don’t want to taint our previous good memories, and also they’re so many new hotels to experience. However, this stay was near flawless and we can actually say it was even better than last time. All the staff we encountered were friendly and tried their best to meet our needs. I know this isn’t going to be our last time staying at Conrad Koh Samui.


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