Review: Conrad Macau where the summer ends…

Conrad Macao Cotai Central outdoor pool over the weekend during our trip to Macau, after checking out of the Mandarin Oriental we decided to spend our final night at a different hotel before leaving this fabulous city. We wanted this second hotel to be something familiar to end our Macau getaway, so we chose the Conrad Macau. So Then, what makes this hotel familiar? Well, it’s more so the Conrad brand than this particular hotel. Mason and I both (especially Mason) like the Conrad brand from Hilton properties since it’s where we had our first luxury hotel stay – as they say, your first love is the hardest to forget.

Conrad Macao, Cotai Central golden bear

First Impression

This hotel was an entirely different vibe from the Mandarin Oriental. The Conrad Macau is one of the hotels inside Sands Cotai Central, casino resort, which means it is a very busy place packed with tons of casino guests.

Even the check-in desk was humongous making it almost impossible to miss for guests lost in this chaotic crowd. Whenever we took an elevator it was always full and made at least three stops before we got our floor. Between the crowds, noise and slot machine sounds, It made me feel like I was at the Macau I see on TV for the first time. If you want to experience a casino hotel in Macau this would be a good choice.


Conrad Macao Cotai Central standard room

We were sort of lucky with room views during this vacation. Our room was facing the Eiffel tower located at the Parisian hotel right across the street. At night, when the sun sets and the tower was illuminated it lead to an amazing night view! The room was pretty spacious with a big sofa to relax on. The Bathroom was my favorite space in the room; gorgeous decor mixed with subtle Asian style choices with a light modern touch.

Mason’s Side: I enjoyed the view of the Eiffel tower from our room. Although, there’s just a certain mystique that comes from being in Paris and seeing the tower in person that can’t be replicated. One plus for the Macau Eiffel tower is there are no pushy street hawkers trying to drown me with Paris keychains.

Conrad Macao, Cotai Central King bedCM_room2CM_room

Conrad Macao, Cotai Central bathroom vanityCM_bathroomConrad Macao, Cotai Central  amenitiesConrad Macao Cotai Central tub

Conrad Macao Cotai Central Eiffel Tower


Conrad Macau guarantees lounge access for gold members which is rare and amazing! We arrived there before happy hour to have a peaceful place to work and also to enjoy the hotel. The lounge wasn’t huge, but it wasn’t crowded and the food section was limited but delicious. We had our choice of non-alcoholic drinks and finger food like tartelettes and tea sandwiches before happy hour. When happy hour started they offered a nice selection of hot and cold food and a variety of juice, beer and wine was prepared for the guests. Also, children seemed allowed in the lounge during happy hour. The most memorable part of the lounge was the staff! They were very friendly and attentive to each of the guests. I brought a bottle of Perrier and one staff member approached immediately to open my bottle. Every time I brought a drink that required opening they were right there ready to twist a cap and pour my drink. It is a small gesture, but it made me feel like I was treated well. As a testament to the staff’s attentiveness, they remembered our names, and seating preferences the next morning

Mason’s Side: I was a little underwhelmed by the lounge at first impressions. It’s forgettable, but that’s not to say it was bad, it just wasn’t great. It hit all the points of what makes a lounge a lounge, but that’s it. It could be that we are in Macau and there are great food options and decor around every corner but, I wouldn’t spend too much time hangout here.

Conrad Macao Cotai Central appetizers
Finger food before the actual happy hour starts!

Conrad Macao Cotai Central happy hour alcohol Conrad Macao Cotai Central wine selection

Conrad Macao Cotai Central beverage selection
Happy hour beverage selection

Conrad Macao Cotai Central happy hour roasted corn appetizer Conrad Macao Cotai Central Breakfast


We had breakfast in the lounge the next morning. Breakfast looked pretty simple but had the essentials; a noodle bar, a la carte egg dishes, a good mixture of western and Asian food and all kinds of bread. Actually, I didn’t know they had noodle section since there wasn’t a chef behind the station, but a manager who came over to greet us recommended the noodle of the day, which, according to her, is made in a traditional style. Since I am a noodle lover, I couldn’t pass, sadly, I wasn’t a fan.

Conrad Macao Cotai Central breakfast dining areaConrad Macao Cotai Central breakfast pastriesConrad Macao Cotai Central breakfast fruit, salad and cheese spreadConrad Macao Cotai Central breakfast charcuterie boardConrad Macao Cotai Central breakfast dim sum

Conrad Macao Cotai Central breakfast noodles

Conrad Macao Cotai Central breakfast pastries



Even at first sight, I knew Conrad’s pool was way bigger than the Mandarin Oriental’s. The pool was divided into several sections to avoid overcrowdedness. There were a lot of sunbeds around the pool and several cabanas. The size, layout, and design of the pools are what one would expect at a casino hotel. The Conrad Macau’s pool is much more fascinating than the one in Mandarin Oriental, but their poolside service is incomparable to the stellar treatment we received at M.O. Everything outside of the water was less than great. The staff at the pool were very cold and they didn’t speak English, so it was difficult to know where the locker rooms were and how to use them. The locker rooms and shower area were also very tight. If there were more guest at the pool there would be a lot of traffic.

Mason’s Side: I’m in total agreement with Rimi. The pool was very nice. I wish we had a bit more time to enjoy ourselves, but the weather and time didn’t permit it. I believe there are 2-3 showers in the men’s locker room, one small bench to sit on in front of the lockers and a singular vanity station. If there were maybe 4 people in the locker room at the same time it would’ve been nuts to butts situations. Which is going to be no for me.

Conrad Macao Cotai Central outdoor poolCM_Pool2CM_Pool3


My curiosity about Conrad Macau has been solved! Even though the hotel was busy and packed with guests, I was able to find my own peace in the room and in the lounge. The staff was friendly and very helpful always trying their best to provide whatever the guest wants and needs! I had the impression that they were always one step ahead me anticipating what I would need next.


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