Review: Wing Lei Macau, delicious dim sum & fantastic fried rice

Over the weekend during our trip to Macau, Wing Lei at Wynn Macau was the first restaurant that I added to my itinerary. This one Michelin star restaurant is known for its affordable lunch dim sum set menu. You can choose six dim sum dishes for just 210 MOP, which is about $25. I think this would be a good starting point for a Michelin newbie like myself.




Some of us would think dim sum is just a dumpling with shrimp or pork inside a thin dough. It is, however, the word ‘dim sum’ literally means “touch the heart” and these small dishes are served as a light lunch or snack that touch your appetite pleasantly without making you too full. It is always surprising and fascinating to see this much variation under the name of dim sum!

Mason and I ordered some of our favorite dim sum dishes (of course shrimp and pork!) and  some other plates including the chef’s seasonal special menu. Even though I came here solely for the shrimp dim sum, surprisingly, my favorite dish was the fried rice. The fried rice at Wing Lei is easily one of my favorite fried foods I’ve had in awhile. So what made this fried rice dish special? Simply, the pork,veggie with some deep fried grains tossed in added to the texture, flavor and has me singing this dish’s praise.

Mason Side: I think I am the “some” that Rimi is talking about. I fully understand how wonderful dim sum can be, but I sometimes miss some of the subtle points of dishes. Regardless, dim sum is one of my favorite Chinese dishes and how can you go wrong with fried rice!?


Chicken feet!!



Wing lei is a quiet delightful restaurant. The servers were kind, especially the manager who explained the set menu and offered his recommendations which made the ordering process easier. One of the few complaints I’ve heard and experienced at Wing Lei was the length of time it takes for your food to be served after ordering. While we didn’t experience a long wait time between ordering and being served our first dish, we did have to wait a bit for the fried rice. Since we wanted to enjoy the rice with our other dishes, we actually had to stop eating and inquire about our missing rice. Again, it was worth the wait. FRIED RICE YOU ROCK!!

Mason’s Side: The time between dishes stands out particularly for the fact that we were asked if we want our dishes served together or individually. We chose to all over our dishes served together only to have the rice served 20 minutes after everything else. If time equated perfection then this rice would be the Monet of dishes. Based on Rimi’s reaction I think it was.


Dress code

Like many fancy restaurants, Wing Lei has some semblance of a dress code which they do enforce. When you make a reservation they email/text you a date and time confirmation along with the dress code policy; casual elegant, no sandals, shorts, or sleeveless shirts for men. If you didn’t pack any long pants, considering hot weather, don’t worry, the restaurant has clothes you can borrow.

Mason’s Side: If you are planning on visiting I would bring my own clothes. I can’t imagine all the stranger ass in those community pants. That’s a hard pass from me.


I would highly recommend this place for the price first and of course, for the food. The staff was nice and the ambiance was lovely. I can’t find a reason not to go here! Unfortunately, they are discontinuing the dim sum lunch set menu from September 1st with no current plans of a replacement. We’re happy we got to try it at least once.

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